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At least 19 killed in massive explosion at fireworks factory

The death toll in yesterday’s explosion at a fireworks factory in northeastern China has risen to 19, with more than 150 injured or missing. It is still not known for sure how many workers were in the factory at the time.
17 August 2010

The National: Crippled by the job, thousands of Chinese workers struggle for redress

Yang Renbing is still in his 30s, but already his body has suffered damage from which it will not recover. For more than a decade, he worked in a jewellery factory in southern China where he inhaled dust that has permanently damaged his lungs. Mr Yang, 34, is one of what campaigners estimate to be more than one million people to have developed an often deadly condition called pneumoconiosis as a result of his working conditions.
19 May 2010

China’s coal mine fatalities increase in first quarter

The number of coal mine deaths in China has risen for the first time since 2002. There were 592 fatalities related to coal mine accidents in the first three months of this year, compared with 509 in the first quarter last year, the China Daily reported today. The sharp rise in the number of fatalities can be partly explained by the low demand for coal at the height of the global economic crisis early last year, but also because of the widespread renovation and construction of new mines to meet higher demand this year. According to official figures, as of 1 March, there were 7,939 mines under construction or renovation.
20 May 2010

Hong Kong activists protest and mourn deaths of Foxconn workers - updated

Hong Kong-based Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM) staged a demonstration this morning (25 May) outside the Hong Kong corporate headquarters of Foxconn to protest and mourn the alarming number of deaths of young workers at the electronic giant’s Shenzhen facility this year.
24 May 2010

On Foxconn, the "ant tribe" in Beijing, Kunming regulations, and a new study on employment discrimination in Shenzhen

In this episode, William Nee and Geoffrey Crothall discuss the recent string of suicides at Foxconn, the SACOM report "Dying Young: Suicide & China's booming economy",  slated demolition of villages in Beijing, a new set of Kunming regulations, and a study on employment discrimination in Shenzhen. 
24 May 2010

Report uncovers widespread employment discrimination in Shenzhen

Nearly 60 percent of companies in Shenzhen actively discriminate against prospective employees on the basis of age, gender, health, appearance or residency, a new investigative report has revealed. Women suffer from a disproportionately high level discrimination, the report found, particularly in the service sector where “appearance” is regularly included in recruitment criteria.
25 May 2010

Latest news reports on the Foxconn suicides

Reports from the Financial Times, Daily Telegraph, Christian Science Monitor, Radio Australia and RTHK on the Foxconn suicides.
26 May 2010

Another suicide at Foxconn after boss attempts damage control

Hours after Foxconn boss and founder Terry Guo led 200 journalists around the company’s Longhua facility in Shenzhen, another young worker jumped to his death, bringing the total number of such suicides at the plant to ten this year, with three just this week. And according to unconfirmed reports another young woman survived a fall early in the hours of Thursday morning, the third attempted suicide this year.
27 May 2010

SCMP: Misery of the out-of-towners pushed to the margins of society

For the past 10 months, construction worker Wang Jianquan has been travelling back and forth between his home in rural Gansu and Beijing in the hope of getting wages he says he is owed. "They owe me three months' pay," the 36-year-old migrant worker said. "But I'm afraid to go back to the construction site because when we went before, they beat us."
28 May 2010

Foxconn announces wage rise just one month before Shenzhen increases minimum wage

In response to widespread criticism of working conditions at its factories in China, Foxconn announced on 2 June that it is raising the wages of its Chinese workforce by an average of 30 percent. The announcement came a week after Li Ming, spokesman for the Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, revealed that the city would increase its minimum wage on 1 July this year.
28 May 2010
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