Social media resources on China’s workers

The social media landscape in China is constantly shifting and it can be difficult to keep track of relevant and up-to-date information on worker activism, trade unions and labour relations. Here a just a few of the resources that we are currently looking at.


Food delivery workers on strike in Chongqing

Blogs and websites

尖椒部落  中国女工权益与生活资讯平台  Information on the rights and interests of women workers in China.

王江松  One of China’s leading labour scholars. Also on Twitter

On Weibo

土逗公社   一个反思常识的青年文化平台.   A contrarian view on youth culture.

关注新生代农民工   清华、北大等高校9名社会学者集体微博  A platform focusing on migrant workers, run by a group scholars at China’s top universities.

隔壁车间王主任   体面的劳动, 有尊严的生活,团结就是力量  Supporting worker solidarity, decent work for decent pay.

就业性别歧视监察大队   吐槽各类招聘中的性别歧视   Gender discrimination watchdog.

074职场女性法律热线  为职场女性提供免费且专业的法律建议,致力于改善职场性别不平等状况。Providing free legal advice to women on combatting gender discrimination in the workplace.

乐山何兵   关注劳工,关注职业病。Veteran labour activist focusing on occupational disease.

顺义刘建伟   Occupational disease activist.

耒阳徐新生  Leiyang workers pneumoconiosis activist.

工人代表吴贵军A  Veteran labour activist based in Shenzhen.

工会志愿者婷婷   Worker activist promoting trade union accountability

On WeChat

中国安全生产网  微信号:www_aqsc_cn  中国安全生产报网站官方微信账号.报送安全,网聚天下.   Official account of China’s work safety website.

塔吊在线  微信号:tdzxzx  为提高施工企业机械设备管理水平,促进全国建筑机械租赁业的发展做贡献.  Focusing on the construction industry, particularly management of machinery.

的哥的姐驿站  微信号:TAXI0188  真实,客观的讲述发生在全国各地的哥的姐的身边事.全面解析出租车最新动态.传递正能量,促进行业长期稳定健康的发展.  Reporting on developments in the taxi industry from the drivers’ perspective.

TAXI文化  微信号:gh_8bb3ba190b46  传承出租文化,提高服务质量;弘扬法治精神,传播法律知识.依法维权!理性维权!智慧维权!  Fighting for taxi drivers’ rights.

的士之音  微信号:DFCZZD   出租车行业喉舌,全国最大的的士交流平台,为你报道最新最热点的士一线新闻. A platform dedicated to developments in the taxi industry.

第一网约车   微信号:gaodsfc   第一网约车 是一个集网约车资讯、服务为一体的平台,点击上方关注第一网约车,就能掌握网约车最新、最全的资讯,赶紧加入,与 2000万网约车友交流吧!  A network for China’s 20 million ride-hailing taxi drivers.

货车之家网   微信号:gh_5f2d6f224676   为卡车人发声的平台,曝光维权,维护卡友权益,网聚卡车人的力量! A platform for truck drivers to express their views protect their rights.


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