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Will China’s trade union finally live up to its obligations under the Work Safety Law?

China’s revised Work Safety Law, which goes into effect on 1 September, makes the responsibility of trade unions for work safety inescapably clear. How will the union respond?
09 August 2021

Fourteen construction workers confirmed dead in Zhuhai tunnel flooding

All 14 workers who were trapped when water flooded into a highway tunnel under construction in the southern city of Zhuhai on 15 July have been confirmed dead, state media reported today.
22 July 2021

Xinjiang mine had numerous safety violations before flood trapping 21 workers

A total of 21 workers remain trapped underground five days after a sudden flood inundated a coal mine in the northwestern region of Xinjiang.
15 April 2021

Shandong suspends mining operations after two major accidents in one month

The northeastern province of Shandong has ordered the closure of all non-coal mining operations in response to two major accidents at gold mines that killed at least 16 miners, state media reported.
23 February 2021

China trumpets new coal mine safety achievements in 2020

One month after 23 workers died of carbon monoxide poisoning in a Chongqing coal mine, China’s State Administration of Coal Mine Safety announced that 2020 had been one of the safest years on record for the industry, with no “exceptionally serious” accidents.
13 January 2021

Coal mine equipment salvage operation ends in 23 deaths

Twenty-three workers died of carbon monoxide poisoning on Friday, 4 December, after being sent into a disused coal mine in Chongqing to salvage old mining equipment. 
07 December 2020

Coal mining city suspends production after second accident in 40 days

All coal mines in the southern city of Leiyang have suspended production after 13 miners were trapped in a flooded mine shaft at the Yuanjiangshan Coal Mine on 29 November. 
03 December 2020

Express delivery workers pushed to the limit

Battered by the pandemic and intense competition between rival companies, China’s express delivery workers are bracing for more pain with the annual online shopping bonanza of Singles Day (双11) just around the corner on 11 November.
03 November 2020

Workers’ interests sidelined as China pushes ahead with coal mining consolidation

In a bid to further bolster its coal mining industry, China is creating a massive new conglomerate in the coal heartland of Shanxi.
28 October 2020

ACFTU trumpets self-proclaimed achievements in poverty alleviation

The All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) is claiming credit for helping to eradicate absolute poverty in China, one of the key targets in paramount leader Xi Jinping’s goal of creating a moderately prosperous society by the end of this year.
13 October 2020
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