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Nurses in at least eight hospitals across China have gone out on strike in the last six months over low pay and benefits and demands for equal pay for equal work. Photo: Huaibei Today
The chief suspect in the arson attack on a bus in the north-western city of Yinchuan on 5 January is reportedly a 34-year-old labour contractor named Ma Yongping who was owed 336,000 yuan for plumbing work completed by his labourers more two years ago.
After nearly three years without any change, the north-eastern province of Heilongjiang finally increased its minimum wage on 1 October this year. The neighbouring provinces of Jilin and Liaoning meanwhile have yet to announce any plans to increase their minimum wage levels.
There have been at least 19 protests in the last three months alone over unpaid wages at construction projects run by China’s largest property developer, Wanda Commercial Properties, according to social media reports.
Strikes and worker protests in China increased noticeably during the third quarter of this year as the manufacturing sector in particular continued to stall. CLB’s Strike Map recorded 593 incidents during the quarter, 219 of which were in manufacturing. Photo: Strike at Shenzhen toy factory, 13 July 2015.
The Longmay Mining Group, the largest coal mining company in northeast China, will lay off 100,000 employees, about 40 percent of its current workforce, over the next three months. Photo: Longmay miners protest wage arrears.
More than 1,000 workers at a shipbuilding yard in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu are on strike over unpaid wages, workers told RFA on Friday, as the industrial action entered its third day.
As factories run out of money and construction projects idle, China sees a rise in unrest
Championed by the Chinese government as the “bright spot” in the future of the economy, China’s e-commerce sector has recently been hit by labour unrest, with three protests in just one week last month.
More than a week after the massive landslide that inundated a small mining community in rural Shaanxi in the early hours of 12 August, there is little chance that the 56 people still listed as missing are alive. Nine bodies have so far been recovered. Photo: Sina News.


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