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Two months after a dozen police broke into her apartment and dragged her away in front of her one-year-old daughter and teenage son, labour activist Zhu Xiaomei returned home on the evening of 1 February.
Thousands of taxi drivers in at least 13 cities have staged strikes and protests over excessive fees and unfair competition from ride-hailing app services since the beginning of the year.
Two prominent labour activists have been formally detained by the Guangzhou authorities for “gathering a crowd to disturb social order,” in what appears to be a coordinated crackdown on labour groups in the city. Photo: Zeng Feiyang,  Zhu Xiaomei and He Xiaobo.
A butcher who wants to run for union leader at a Walmart store in Shenzhen finds himself at a disadvantage as he challenges his employer and China's unsupportive union system. While national reform of China's only officially-recognized union will happen soon, currently workers who want to engage in collective bargaining can only count on NGOs and self-support groups to defend their labor rights.
Wal-Mart is the latest frontier in China’s nascent labor rights movement.
An attempt by employees of Walmart in China to take charge of their labor union to negotiate collectively on behalf of workers has already run into difficulties, a Walmart employee told RFA.
Workers at least three breweries in eastern China owned by Suntory Holdings went on strike last week after the company announced it was pulling out of its loss-making joint-venture with China’s best-known brewery Tsingtao.
Walmart workers in Shenzhen are stepping up their efforts to hold the company’s first-ever democratic trade union election, nine years after Walmart first agreed to allow trade unions in its China stores.
After more than a year of protests by cab drivers across China against unfair competition from drivers using ride-hailing apps, the Transport Ministry in Beijing has issued a directive on reform of the taxi industry that is designed to allow traditional and app-based car services to co-exist peacefully.
Zhu Xiaomei has used her own struggle and experience in standing up to her employer to help drive China’s workers’ movement forward and emerge as one of most dynamic labour activists in the Pearl River Delta today.


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