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The Xing Ang closure shows that it is not China’s economic slowdown  that gives rise to worker protests, it is the response of employers to that slowdown and the way they treat their employees that determines worker actions.
As temperatures plummet across the whole of China, there is a growing risk that more street sweepers will be badly injured or even killed in accidents related to poor weather.
Sanitation workers in the southern city of Guangzhou have had considerable success over the last few years in taking collective action to improve their pay and working conditions but far too many elderly cleaners and street sweepers remain vulnerable and unprotected.
Workers at least three breweries in eastern China owned by Suntory Holdings went on strike last week after the company announced it was pulling out of its loss-making joint-venture with China’s best-known brewery Tsingtao.
Strikes and worker protests in China increased noticeably during the third quarter of this year as the manufacturing sector in particular continued to stall. CLB’s Strike Map recorded 593 incidents during the quarter, 219 of which were in manufacturing. Photo: Strike at Shenzhen toy factory, 13 July 2015.
The compensation the families of workers killed on the job get depends entirely on what the government or their employer is prepared to give them and the offer usually comes with strings attached.
Xu Zhihui, a pioneer and leader in the struggle of China’ workers to get compensation for the deadly lung disease, pneumoconiosis, has passed away. He was 55-years-old.
Wage levels in China have increased steadily over the last decade. However there are huge disparities between different industries, geographic regions, urban and rural areas, as well as between senior managers and ordinary workers. The minimum wage in China has never been a living wage, and wage arrears remain a serious and widespread problem.
Former gold miner and workers’ rights advocate He Quangui died on 1 August, at his home in rural Shaanxi. He was 41-years-old, and had battled the deadly lung-disease silicosis for the last ten years. Photograph: Tan Siok Siok
An elderly sanitation worker in Changsha is taking his former employer to court in a bid to redress decades of labour rights violations.


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