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Two months after a dozen police broke into her apartment and dragged her away in front of her one-year-old daughter and teenage son, labour activist Zhu Xiaomei returned home on the evening of 1 February.
China Labour Bulletin Director Han Dongfang responds to the arrest of labour activists in Guangdong and the state media’s smear campaign against them.
A group of labour activists held in detention for more than a month have been subjected to a vicious smear campaign in China’s state-run media. Many workers have now spoken out in their defence and they present a completely different picture from that in the official media.
Sanitation workers in Guangzhou have taken collective action to curtail the use of agency labour in the industry and force their district’s new contractor to sign employment contracts directly with them.
Zhu Xiaomei has used her own struggle and experience in standing up to her employer to help drive China’s workers’ movement forward and emerge as one of most dynamic labour activists in the Pearl River Delta today.
To mark the first anniversary of the death of factory worker Zhou Jianrong, China Labour World issued a statement commemorating her sacrifice and calling on China’s workers to overcome their difficulties through determined and unified collective action.
We attended a recent panel discussion on how Wal-Mart workers are organizing -- or failing to organize -- to protect their rights everywhere from “Bentonville to Beijing.”
Almost 10 years after Walmart was forced to accept unionization of its stores in China, the U.S.-based merchandising giant continues to deny basic collective bargaining rights to its Chinese retail workers, according to two union experts speaking last week at a conference on Walmart and labor in Washington, D.C.
More than 300 Chinese workers at a garment factory that supplies international brands such as Uniqlo have been protesting for about two weeks what they say is a unilateral decision by the management to close down.
A case study of the challenges faced by factory workers dealing with management and the local authorities, as well as trying to maintain solidarity during a long-drawn-out struggle.


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