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Despite ample legal protection, most women fired when they become pregnant still struggle to defend their rights because they lack concrete evidence or cannot afford to go to court.
In landmark judgement against a state-owned enterprise, a court in Beijing ruled on 2 November that the city’s postal service had discriminated against a job applicant simply because she was a woman.
Wage growth for China’s lowest-paid workers continued to slow this year with less than half of the 32 regions with the authority to set their own minimum wage levels announcing an increase thus far.
After scolding yet more time-wasting, red tape wielding, bureaucrats in his regular State Council meeting this week, Li Keqiang headed up the Third Ring Road to have coffee with a group of young entrepreneurs in Beijing’s hi-tech hub, Zhongguancun.
I only ask because the Chinese premier seems to have spent the last week or so in Beijing getting very frustrated, banging his fist on the table and chastising bureaucrats for failing to carry out his economic reform agenda or wasting their time with pointless risk assessments for major project developments.
China Labour Bulletin’s new Work Accident Map, like CLB’s Strike Map, will be regularly updated and the data recorded used to analyse trends over time, different industries and in different regions of China.
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The Beijing News (新京报) reported today that new regulations issued by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security placed age restrictions on graduates eligible for household residency (户籍) in the capital.
A clerk at the People’s Public Security University of China has spent the last year trying to get compensation from her employer after an altercation in the staff canteen left her paralysed.
China Youth Daily talks to a young civil servant in Beijing who is anxious to dispel some of the lingering myths about civil servants’ income in China. Photo of young graduates in Beijing's outer suburbs.


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