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China Labour Bulletin Director Han Dongfang responds to the arrest of labour activists in Guangdong and the state media’s smear campaign against them.
A butcher who wants to run for union leader at a Walmart store in Shenzhen finds himself at a disadvantage as he challenges his employer and China's unsupportive union system. While national reform of China's only officially-recognized union will happen soon, currently workers who want to engage in collective bargaining can only count on NGOs and self-support groups to defend their labor rights.
While many workers in Europe were enjoying their six weeks annual leave over the summer, the Chinese government decided it would be a good idea if China’s workers had an extended weekend.
The Tianjin union officials have been busy providing victims of the disaster with “psychological consultations” and carrying out search and rescue missions but not actually doing any union work.
The lack of a trade union in China that is dedicated to the protection of firefighters has led to an under-staffed, poorly-trained and poorly paid workforce that has now suffered what is probably the worst tragedy in its history. Photo: Beijing News
We attended a recent panel discussion on how Wal-Mart workers are organizing -- or failing to organize -- to protect their rights everywhere from “Bentonville to Beijing.”
Almost 10 years after Walmart was forced to accept unionization of its stores in China, the U.S.-based merchandising giant continues to deny basic collective bargaining rights to its Chinese retail workers, according to two union experts speaking last week at a conference on Walmart and labor in Washington, D.C.
In China Labour Bulletin’s new Chinese-language report on the Workers’ Movement in China, we focus on the growing importance of China’s civil society labour groups during a period of rapid social, economic and political change.
Amid a wave of strikes, hopes for lasting workplace reforms
Labor unrest is on the rise in China and likely to increase as the leadership grapples with a dangerous combination of an economic slowdown and the lack of effective institutions to cope with worker unrest.


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